Bloom/Billet Caster (CCM)

Automatic Mould Level Controller (AMLC) from SERT France and Sensing Equipment from Berthold Germany.

320mm x 250mm
& 250mm x 250mm
the biggest Bloom
sizes in North India

  • Multi- Radius 9/13.5/27 Meter, Twin strand caster with a provision for 3rd strand supplied by Concast India (A subsidiary of MHI Japan). Ideally suited for casting of bigger blooms. Highest Metallurgical length in North of India.
  • Rigid Dummy Bar – 2nd plant in the country to have this facility. Provides better surface and subsurface quality of As Cast Billets or Blooms compared to Flexible Dummy Bar.

Billet and Bloom Sizes

• 130×130 mm
• 160×160 mm
• 200×200 mm
• 250×250 mm
• 250×320 mm

  • Mould EMS (Electro Magnetic Stirrer) cartridge type supplied by ROTOLEC France with flexibility of current and frequency settings to achieve more than 50% Equiax zone. Minimal centre line segregation and dendrites.
  • Multi Taper Copper moulds from SHINKO Metal Products Japan.
  • Fully automatic Spray and Mould Cooling System to achieve better internal structure.

Going to add Mist Spray Cooling of the Billets in next few month. This will help in controlled cooling of the billets at the time of casting and hence better internal soundness of the billets / blooms.