Chemical Lab

State of the art chemical laboratory equipped with world class equipments:

  • 2 Spectrometers: ARL 8820 (Switzerland) & GNR (Italy). Capable of detecting Soluble and Non Soluble Aluminum and Boron.
  • Gas Analyzer from LECO USA (ONH 836) for analysis of 02, N2 & H2.

Wet Lab

Well-equipped Wet Chemical Analysis laboratory for testing of ferro-alloys, carburizers, fluxes and slag.

Rolling Mill Finishing Section & Heat Treatment

  • Ultrasonic Testing Machines, 100% bars tested for maintaining flawless quality.
  • XRF Guns for Spectral Analysis & Mix-up testing, 100% bars tested before stacking.
  • Spark Spectral testing to ensure mixup free material.
  • Rad meter to detect Radio Activity Contamination in R/Hr.

Metallurgical & Mechanical Testing

  • Metallurgical Microscope Model BX51 (OLYMPUS Japan) with Image Analyzer system.
  • UTM (Universal Tensile Testing Machine) – 100 Tons capacity with Extensometer
    (2% proof stress integrated with software).
  • Impact Testing Machine up to -70° C equipped with broaching machine; the first of its kind in North India.
  • Jominy / End Quench testing with latest equipments like digital HRC machine, Jig, Digital Height gauge etc.