Rolling Mill

  • 3 Finishing Lines coupled with roughing train for achieving desired reduction.

  • 4 Continuous Stands (305mm) for precision rolling or Sizing Mill.

  • Online Oxygen Monitoring System to control the levels of oxidation.

  • Max O2 content in reheating furnace ranges between 2 to 4%, resulting in better surface finish and minimum decarb.

Finish Product Size Range

Rounds : 15mm – 152mm Diameter,
Round Cornered Square (RCS): 42mm – 140mm
Hexagonal: Across Flat: 16mm – 80mm
Flats : Width 38mm – 250 mm, thickness 5mm – 50 mm


Project of Rolling Mill will include New

  • Walking beam Reheating Furnace.

  • 36 inches Reversing Mill.

  • 10 nos of Strands with Horizontal-Vertical Configuration.

  •  Turnover Type Cooling Bed.