35 Ton Ultra High Power ELECTRIC ARC FURNACE
• Automatic Ferro alloy
feeding system
• 35 Ton Ultra High Power furnace with a 25 MVA transformer.
• Capable of continuous feeding of DRI, Lime & Coke.
• EBT for Slag Free lipping help us for production of clean steel T-T-T in EAF is
less than 85min.

35 Ton Ladle Refining Furnance (LRF)

• Equipped with Automatic Ferro Alloy Feeding system

Vacuum Degassing

• Vacuum Degassing unit – Mechanical Pumping System supplied by
M/s. Edward Mech. Pumps, U.K.
• Can achieve 1m bar in 6 minutes & capable of achieving as low as
0.30 m bar.
• Help us for production of lower gas content & cleaner steel.

Cored Wire Feeding

• Cored Wire feeding at VD station helps in fine adjustment of “Ca” and in modification of inclusions & “S” content control as per customer requirement.
• It also facilitates the deep injection of additives into the steel without excessive ingress of air/oxygen.