A wide range of Special & Alloy Steels is being manufactured as per BS/EN, IS, JIS, DIN, SAE/AISI/ASTM, GOST standard as per the Customer’s Specifications. The major categories of Special & Alloy Steels we manufacture are:

  • Plain Carbon Steel
    (Carbon Manganese Steel Carbon)

  • High Manganese Steel

  • Chrome Steel

  • Chrome Manganese Steel

  • Chrome-Moly Steel

  • Chrome-Nickel-Moly Steel

  • Chrome-Nickel Steel

  • Ball Bearing Steel

  • Spring Steel

  • Sulphur Based Free Cutting Steel

  • Boron Steel

  • Micro Alloys 

  • Other Customized grade may be made
    as per customer’s requirement

Supply Condition

  • Hot Rolled / As Rolled

  • Hot Rolled and Annealed

  • Hot Rolled and Spherodised Annealed

  • Hot Rolled Peeled

  • Hot Rolled Peeled and Ground

  • Hot Rolled Spherodised Annealed Peeled / Peeled & Ground

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